First of all, I am pleased to know that you came to know about me. I would love to share my journey with my valuable readers.


        Hi! My Name is Ushna Israr. I have done bachelors in Business Management. I am a certified English Speaker & Scholarship Student Of Public Speaker by Eureka. I was awarded as a  Best Speaker in a program called MUN  (Model United Nation) which was arranged by Eureka. I worked as an Assistant Manager in Global operation for the bank, which has a big name in the Banking Industry HBL (Habib Bank Limited).

 It all started when I was in 10th standard. The best part of my past is that I was a believer in TAKING ACTION rather than sitting aside and wait for things to happen. I belong to a lower-middle-class family. I’ve grown up listening to my fathers’ hard work stories and the struggle he did during his childhood helping up his siblings, grandfather & many other people. My mother is a housewife. She has an excellent knowledge of history and other things as well. I have learnt so many things from her. My parents are my inspiration in so many ways which I can’t counter in words.

My passion is to write. I still remember the first thing I wrote was a poem “Colors of Life” which was highly appreciated by everyone in my circle. So many people used to say that you have writing skills and you should go with content writing. My family, friends and teachers motivate me to take the initiative to become a writer. I started writing articles as a writer I came to know about the skills I possess I keep learning. My business management’s bachelor degree helped me in understanding subjects like Marketing, Management, Consumer behaviour, Human Resources, and Psychology.
It’s not like what you’ve been taught; it’s always that what you’ve picked out it.
I learn things, every day and everywhere. I believe in learning. If you stop learning, you stop progressing.
      I am a creative writer & multitasker who always thinks beyond the boundaries & always been passionate regarding my content. My objective is to bring excellence in my work using a wide range of thoughts & ideas. I don’t just get the job done until I complete research on it, I think out of the box to bring something unique & eye-catchy for my potential readers.

Email: ushnaisrar[email protected]