What is Content, Article & Blog post writing? ( A Quick View )



Content, Article, Blogpost

      There are so many people who remain confused judging the difference between Content, Article and Blogpost writing. Here’s a quick review that will clear all your confusions and misunderstandings regarding three of them. Hope this article will help you to understand better. These are listed below:        

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing is defined as writing and editing web content, planning, mainly for digital marketing services that include scripts for podcasts and videos, content for blog posts and articles, and content for social media platforms like text posts on Reddit or twitting on Twitter official accounts.

As we always heard that “Content Is King,” and it is claimed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates back in 1996 that it remains true today. Quality content that provides relevant and valuable information is the key to most successful marketing campaigns. According to a recent study, a Hubspot survey claims that 70 percent of business marketers are actively investing in hiring professional content marketers.

Content marketing can further be defined as building brand loyalty and selling products, expertise, and services by sharing and creating relevant information useful to the target audience. It is meant to meet a particular audience’s needs, including present potential customers, employees, stakeholders, or other investors. Our primary purpose is to provide quality content that leads to producing high-quality work.

What Is Article Writing?

Article writing is a piece of content that usually targets a broad audience. The motive behind writing an article is to provide awareness about a particular subject. It attracts and retains the reader’s attention. The writer discusses several rising issues, technical development, locations, persons, and stories in article writing. The spelling and grammar of article writing should be impeccable. It should be written in a sophisticated writing style that grabs readers’ attention while reading that piece of content. It gives suggestions and advice to its potential readers that influence them and urges them to think differently.

It can also be formal and informal, depending on the targeted audience; if it misses the target audience’s motive, it is of no use. Keep in mind that the article’s title should be catchy so that it eventually gets the reader’s attention. An article is a word of expression of one thought; it includes various purposes:

  • To create awareness among people about a specific incident or event.
  • To report information or news about a political activity or natural calamity, any action globally or locally.
  • To provide information and awareness among people regarding mental health, wellness, or lifestyle.
  • To influence the mind of readers with opinions.

What is Blog Writing?

A blog, a shortened version of a weblog, is defined as an educational website or journal that usually displays information in reverse chronological order. In this platform, writers share their personal opinion regarding a particular issue or topic. According to the research, it is concluded that there are more than 600 million blogs present on the web platform.

It emerged in different forms like political blogs, how-to manuals, journalism, etc. Blog writing is usually short compared to article writing, mainly built around SEO keywords, and requires the right spelling and grammar to have a casual style. As blogs are getting professional, people are thinking of hiring writers and investing more in writing. As Google stated in its recent manual, websites with relevant and informative content will rank faster than websites with non-engaging content.


The truth is that articles and article-style blog posts tend to convey greater power and authority. They intrigue a tremendous amount of your customer’s clients. The ventures will be more effective, and those customers will be bound to enlist you back to write morecontent. It’s an exemplary success win — you can generate more traffic and revenue from your website by hiring our professional writers who provide quality content that will stand out.

Content, Article & Blogpost writing

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Article, blog & content writing

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