Top 5 Free Facebook Video Downloader Online Websites For PC, Chrome, Iphone and Android

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Top 5 Free Facebook Video Downloader Online Webites For PC, Chrome, Iphone and Android 

Top 5 Free Facebook Video Downloader Online Websites For PC, Chrome, Iphone and Android

In this article, we will find out facebook video downloader websites through which we can easily download any video of our choice anywhere at any place.

Facebook Inc. is an American conglomerate corporation based in Menlo Park, California. It is the largest social media network in the whole globe. Mark Zuckerberg founded it on February 4, 2004. 

Facebook is a social platform where thousands of people connect where users can post comments, post links to news, share photographs, chat live, watch the short-form video and other exciting content on the web. 

It depends on the people either they want to share their post publically, want to share it with their friends only or with a single person.

Top 5 Facebook Video Downloader Websites That You Need To Know:

Are you also looking for an answer to this question? I was also searching for a solution to this problem and guess what? 

I have found Top 5 Facebook video downloader websites that enable you to download a video within seconds. 

So you can enjoy thousands of videos with your friends and loved ones and can have fun with them.

Are you feeling excited? Let’s get bump into it!

Getvid is one of the best sites that provide videos conversion from Facebook to mp4 (video) or mp3 (audio) files. This facebook video downloader permits you to download videos from Facebook for free. This site supports computer, tablets and mobile devices.

All you need to do is copy the URL of the desired video and paste it into the text box provided and then click on the download button according to the available format.

You do not require any software or registration, and this website is free. You can enjoy unlimited downloading on this website.

This website also provides services of private videos from Facebook you can download it from an intimate video downloader such as getfvid/private-downloader. Only those who can see the video’s code can download it. You should respect the copyrights of videos you are downloading. 

How To Use Getfvid Facebook Video Downloader?

  •  First copied the Facebook video URL.
  •  Second, paste the URL in the above field.
  •  Third click the download button to save FB video.

Where are these videos saved after being downloaded?

After downloading files, they are usually saved into the default setting. You can choose and change the destination of the folder for your downloaded Facebook videos manually. 

You can check the downloading files available in the folder of your phone and have fun with the videos and can get unlimited entertainment using this fantastic website.

Let’s give it a try! is another website through which you can download your favourite videos in an instant. 

It provides you with your favourite collection off Facebook and saves them for offline viewing by generating direct links to the video of Facebook. You can now enjoy unlimited downloading of your favourite videos.

This website also provides services of private videos from Facebook you can download it from a private video downloader such as getfvid/private-downloader.

It saves your time and helps you download video from anywhere.

How To Use FBDOWN Facebook Video Downloader?

  • First, click on the video then copy video URL from Facebook
  • Make sure you are connected with the same browser
  • Go to the private video downloader and then paste the link
  • Download the link and enjoy watching favourite videos

Where are these videos saved after being downloaded?

When you have downloaded the file check them in your default folder on your phone. You can choose it and change manually. 

They usually saved in a default folder. So what are you waiting? Let’s enjoy unlimited downloading and have fun.

The third most awaited website is fbdownloader in our list. It is an easy to use online web interface that is created for saving videos off Facebook.    It allows you to download any public Facebook video in Mp4 format and standard quality or high-quality.  

Facebook downloader supports content available on Android phones, PCs, Macs and iPhones.    You can avail their private video downloader services by just typing private Facebook downloader. Just follow the simple steps and enjoy downloading Facebook videos entirely without any hesitation.

How To Use Facebook Video Downloader?

In just three simple steps, you can download the file:

  • First, find the video and then copy Facebook video URL by the right click on the video and select copy.
  • Second, paste the link into the field above and click on the “Go” button.
  • Third, right-click on the video file you want to download and then click “Save As”.

Where are these videos saved after being downloaded?

The videos that you have downloaded from Facebook saved in the folder of your mobile where you provide access to download files. This website is the right choice if you want to keep your time. It also saves your time as it is free.

You can easily find the downloaded videos in the folder which you have set as a default so that it could be easier for you to watch these unlimited downloading experience and enjoy it with your friends & family.

  Getfbstuff is the fourth in our top 5 list. This Facebook video downloader is an online tool that helps you to download videos from Facebook in HD quality and MP4 format.    For downloading videos from Getfbstuff, you need to go to the Facebook video page and directly extract MP4 video links of the video.    You do not need to install any plugin or software; it’s just free of cost.    You can enjoy unlimited downloading using this free tool and can have fun and entertain yourself anywhere at any place.

How To Use Getfbstuff Facebook Video Downloader?

  • Click on the facebook video that you want to install.
  • Copy the link of the desired video to the clipboard.
  • Paste the link of video URL on the appeared box.
  • Then select the video quality and press download button.

Where are these videos saved after being downloaded?

  Sometimes we download files on our pc or mobile, and it takes us long to search the destined folder where the file exists. For this purpose, we are going to mention the place where we usually found our files.   When you use getfbstuff, then you should check the “Download” folder in your PC. If you are downloading Facebook videos on your mobile, then it will automatically save in the download section of your mobile’s memory.

SaveAs.Co :

The last but not the least Facebook video downloader in our list is It is also a free tool as explained above that you can use to convert videos from Facebook to Mp4 video files and can enjoy and entertain your friends and family easily with the comfort of your home. can save videos on your computers, tablets and mobile devices such as iOS, iPad, iPod and Android devices.   If you like any video on Facebook and want to save it in your device, then you don’t need to worry now this tool provide all you need in one place.  

How To Use Facebook Video Downloader?

You can download video from this tool by simply following these steps:

  •  Copy URL of the video you want to download.
  •  Paste the link of the Facebook video which is copied as URL in the above field.
  •  Click the button named “Download” to save the video in standard or high resolution as you want.

Where are these videos saved after being downloaded?

In videos usually saved under the tag “Download” section. You can also use another option of “Save As” and can change it to another place by making a simple check on the box appeared as an optional bar whether you want to save it on the download folder or the other section. 

After that, enjoy unlimited and free services that this tool provides and share fun and knowledge all around the globe.

facebook video downloader online for pc, chrome, iphone and android


So these are top five Facebook video downloader sites that are free and provide unlimited download. Hope you like this article, share it with your friends, family and loved ones.

Who want to keep some favourite videos that they found on Facebook but unable to download it directly.

So guys, what are you waiting? Your favourite Facebook video is just far from a click.

Download and enjoy it. 

Best Of Luck!

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