Science is the study of the character and behavior of natural things and also the data that we tend to get concerning them. There are specific branches of science like physics, chemistry, or biology.

Physics is the best example of a science that has developed sturdy, abstract theories.

Science is what we tend to do to seek out concerning Nature. Natural sciences embody physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, and Physical Science.


Science uses arithmetic and logic, that area unit, typically known as “formal sciences.” Scientific discipline makes observations and experiments.

Science produces correct facts, scientific laws, and theories. ‘Science’ conjointly refers to the large quantity of information that has been found exploitation of this method.

People who study and analyze science and seek out everything concerning its area unit known as scientists.

Scientists study things by observing them rigorously, by mensuration them, and by doing experiments and tests.

Scientists attempt to make a case for why things act the means they are doing and predict what is going to happen?

Today, “science” sometimes refers to the simplest way of following data, not simply the data itself. It’s primarily concerning the phenomena of the fabric world.

Within the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, scientists more and more wanted to formulate data in terms of laws of Nature like Newton’s laws of motion.

 And over the nineteenth century, the word “science” became more and more related to the methodology itself as the simplest way to review Nature, as well as physics, chemistry, earth science, and biology.

Advantages of Science and Technology

• The huge enhancements created within the field of medication have served to elongate our expectancy and to cut back the speed of morbidity.

• The discovery of mechanization, higher seeds, higher techniques of irrigation, and persecutor management has worked to extend productivity levels on farms.

• In transportation, railway, a fashionable passenger ship, jet plane, and motorcar have created our lives softer and provided nice potentialities for contemporary business development and industrial enterprise.

• The invention of the pc has motor-assisted the method of calculation in laboratories.

• Technology has created communication abundant easier in recent times.

• Science has led to groundbreaking solutions to varied deadly diseases.

• Man is ready to explore the area extensively due to the wide-scale development in technology.

• Our life has become healthier and longer.

• Modern hygiene, sanitation, drugs, and surgery area unit subjugation additional and additional physical and mental ills day by day. We tend to currently understand and skill the fun of excellent health and longevity.


Physics is that the Science of energy and matter and the way they relate to every alternative. It’s a global enterprise that plays a key role in the future progress of man. 

The support of physics education and analysis altogether countries are vital because:

1. Physics is an Associate in Nursing an exciting intellectual journey that conjures up tykes and expands the frontiers of our data concerning Nature.

2. Physics generates primary data required for the longer-term technological advances that may still drive the economic engines of the globe.

3. Physics plays an important part in technological infrastructure and provides trained personnel required to require advantage of scientific advances and discoveries.

4. Physics is a very important part of the education of chemists, engineers, and PC scientists, yet as practitioners of the opposite physical and medical specialty sciences.

5. Physics extends and enhances our understanding of alternative disciplines, like the planet, agriculture, chemical, biological, and environmental sciences, and urology and cosmology – subjects of considerable importance to all or any peoples of the globe.

6. Physics improves the quality of our lives by providing the essential understanding necessary for developing new instrumentation and techniques for medical applications, like PC picturing, resonance imaging, anti-electron emission picturing, supersonic imaging, and optical maser surgery.


Chemistry is that the study of matter, its properties, however, and why substances mix or separate to create alternative substances and the way substances act with energy.

Many folks consider chemists as being white-coated scientists compounding strange liquids in an exceeding laboratory; however, the reality is we tend to area unit all chemists.

Understanding basic chemistry ideas is vital for pretty much each profession. Chemistry is an element of everything in our lives.

There are five main branches of chemistry, every of that has several areas of study.

1. Analytical chemistry defines qualitative and quantitative observation to spot and live the physical and chemical properties of gear. In a sense, all chemistry is analytical.

2. Physical chemists study, however, matter and energy act. Physical science and quantum physics area unit 2 of the vital branches of chemistry.

3. Organic chemistry specifically defines compounds that contain the element carbon. Carbon has many unique properties that allow it to form complex chemical bonds and large molecules. 

It is known as the “Chemistry of Life” because all of the molecules of its tissue have carbon as part of their makeup.

4. Inorganic chemistry defines materials such as metals and gases that do not have carbon as part of their makeup.

5. Organic chemistry is the study of chemical processes that occur among the living organisms.


Biology is that the Science of life. Its name springs from the Greek words “bios” (life) and “logos” (study). Biologists study the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, and distribution of living organisms. 

Their square measure typically thought of to be a minimum of 9 “umbrella” fields of biology, every of that consists of multiple subfields.

1. Biochemistry: the study of the fabric substances that conjure living things.

2. Botany: the study of plants, together with agriculture.

3. Cellular biology: the study of the essential cellular units of living things.

4. Ecology: the study of, however, organisms act with their atmosphere.

5. organic process biology:the study of the origins and changes within the diversity of life over time.

6. Genetics: the study of heredity.

7. Molecular biology: the study of biological molecules.

8. Physiology: the study of functions of organisms and their components.

9. Zoology: the study of animals, together with animal behavior.


The methodology may be a method for experimentation that’s wont to explore observations and answer queries. 

Will this means all scientists follow precisely this process? No. Some areas of Science is a lot of simply tested than others. 

For instance, scientists finding out however, stars amend as they age or however dinosaurs digestible their food cannot fast-forward a star’s life by 1,000,000 years or run medical exams on feeding dinosaurs to check their hypotheses. 

Once direct experimentation isn’t potential, scientists modify the methodology. 

However, even once changed, the goal remains the same: to find a cause and impact relationships by asking queries, rigorously gathering and examining the proof, and seeing if all the out there data are combined into a logical answer.

Even though we tend to show the methodology as a series of steps, detain mind that new data or thinking would possibly cause an individual to make a copy and repeat steps at any purpose throughout the method. 

A method, just like the methodology that involves such backing up and continuation is termed a reiterative method.

Whether you’re doing a truthful science project, a schoolroom science activity, freelance analysis, or the other active science inquiry understanding the steps of the methodology can assist you in focusing your scientific question and go through your observations and knowledge to answer the question furthermore as potential.


We tend to board a weird and marvelous world, and therefore the manner we tend to study, explore, and perceive that world (as well as create progress) is termed Science. 

Nowadays, we’re progressing to target the weird, the items that cause you to go “Huh,” and if it doesn’t a minimum of a stir a way of surprise in you, perhaps it’ll get you thru a spherical of triviality at the native gin mill. 

Here, fancy some Weird Science Facts you will not understand.

1. A minimum of half of Earth’s O comes from the ocean, not trees. Little aquatic plants referred to as plants live close to the surface of the water, drift with the currents, and customarily do what plants do – create O as a byproduct of taking in daylight and dioxide.

2. Microbiologists at the University of Gem State say that there square measure regarding ten times the amount of microorganism cells in your body as there square measure human cells. However, this can be an honest issue as we’d like most of these bacteria; the overwhelming majority of them square measure helpful.

3. 100% of Europeans square measure naturally proof against HIV because of a mutation. Scientists believe this mutation was a result of all the plagues within the middle ages. Thus your ancestors survived the time of The Black Death and, therefore, the Pox, and nowadays, you are proof against HIV. Biological Science square measure weird, man.

4. Gymnosperm tree oils (think pine trees) truly contain AN medicinal drug compounds referred to as Alpha-Pine.This has been wont to treat cartilaginous tube problems like bronchial asthma and is being studied for different inflammatory diseases.

5. Taking part in a *moderate* quantity of video games is truly smart for you. It boosts your memory, and multitasking skills will facilitate those with a learning disorder, will increase coordination, and reduces stress.

6. Luna moths haven’t any mouths. Once they emerge from their cocoon, they need seven days throughout that they mate and so starve to death.

7. Occasional is that the most generally used recreational medicine we all know of. It is also one of the foremost habit-forming. It is a stimulant, like cocaine. Once somebody says they have a cup of occasional or that they’re fussy before occasional within the morning, they don’t seem to be kidding. They will have to withdraw symptoms.

8. Tears you cry once you are upset truly contain an internal secretion that is a natural analgesic. Your body releases this internal secretion (called essential amino acid enkephalin) once you are below stress. Thus if you ever desire wish to sit and have an honest cry simply, your body is simply attempting to comfort itself.

9. There square measure animals and plants thought of to be “Biologically Immortal.” whereas they’ll and do die, and this can be because of injury or illness. They do not know very age and will not die from maturity. Jellyfish and Lobsters square measure two samples of this.

science, weird science


  • At last, it can be said that Science has created our life thus easy and advanced. 
  • The advantages of Science within the lives of kinsfolk square measure uncountable.
  • The foremost necessary heritage of advanced Science is seen within the diminished rate of mortality. 

This reduction within the fatality rate may be a result of the recently developed knowledge base because of that the cure for diseases like Asiatic cholera, small-pox, and even infectious disease has become potential. 

With the assistance of recent motor-engines movement has become straightforward and time-saving.

Different necessary advantages of Science embody the event of the stitching machine, refrigerators, laundry machines, and vacuum cleaner; that has completely modified the lives of ladies in our society.

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