How To Train Your Labrador Retriever To Hunt?

labrador retriever

Have you ever think about how hunting dogs act professionally when it comes to an investigation? How many efforts should be taken while training hunting dogs? No?   In this article, you will find the answer to every question from Hunting aspects of the Labrador to How to train the Labrador to become an excellent hunting dog? We need to understand first what a hunting dog is? & what takes to do such training?  

Hunting Dog

A hunting dog attributes to a canine that hunts with or for humans. Different types of hunting dogs developed for various kinds of tasks and purposes. The considerable categories of hunting dogs are hounds, terriers, dachshunds, gun dogs, and cur-type dogs.

Including these categories, they can be further divided based upon the dogs’ skill sets.   Here we discuss different kinds of hunting dogs. Now the question arises that what aspects should be kept in mind to train hunting dogs?      

Hunting Aspects Of Labrador Retriever

hunting aspects of labrador retriever

Here we talk about hunting aspects of the Labrador Retriever. The Labrador is the most famous breed of dog around the globe. They are more often trained to aid people with blindness or autism. They act as a therapist.   They work for law enforcement to perform screening and detection work.

This breed is greatly known for its loyalty, obedience, and playful poise. Labrador is capable of spending more hours in the field, bearing cold, rain, and snow while bumping through the brush to flush birds or swimming falling currents to retrieve downed waterfowl.    

How To Train the Labrador To Become An Excellent Hunting dog? 

There are the following methods by which you can train your Labrador to become an excellent hunting dog.        · Teach your Labrador to get used to the scent of pheasants by providing a pheasant from a local hunter and allowing your dog to play with it. In a piece of string, tie the pheasant, and drag it along the floor. Allow your dog to track it with its nose and give your dog a treat when it is found.

Use the flushing technique by teaching your dog to run through the grassland to chase it and find the pheasant. It will bring the bird to fly over the hedge and into the sky. Buy an electric collar to solve a fundamental obedience issue, but remember to train a dog with the electric collar first; you must be able to teach him without it.

Practice daily to get excellent results and make waterfowl training fun for your dog. Try to reinforce positive behavior by giving your dog positive rewards in the form of a great meal. A dog is one of the most loyal creatures on earth. A dog always wants to please its owner by showing gestures of obedience. So use it as a strength to train. It is essential to let your dog know from the start that retrieving the game is something for which he will be rewarded.    

Hunting Behaviour Of Dog

  Hunting the behavior of dog considered to those actions that make the dog able to detect and capture prey.   They’re strong sense of smell helped them to discover predators. While hunting, a dog should act with innate predatory aggression, counter skills specific to hunting prey in order to survive.  

Considering hog hunting, which is rapidly growing in some states such as Texas and Louisiana, Hog dogs ( The Best Breeds For Hog Hunting) are famous for such kinds of hunting. They protect the livestock and agricultural fields from the menace of wild boars and feral pigs.

hunting behaviour of dog

Final Words

  Physical features and mental characteristics allow the Labrador to perform as an efficient retriever by stable temperament suitable for a variety of pursuits beyond the hunting environment. Its expressing character possesses intelligence and temperament. So if you’re thinking of training your dog for hunting, then this breed is the right choice. Continue reading:


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