What is Counseling? Why has it become mandatory in 2020?

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To elaborate on this question that what is Counseling? First, we need to understand in brief the concept of Counseling.


It can be defined as:

  • Counseling helps clients to achieve their personal goals and gain amazing achievements. By the end of this process, one will be more satisfied with his or her life.
  • Counseling is the process that appears when a client and counselor set aside time to analyze complications, which may include stressful or emotional feelings. 
  • It is a relationship of trust between the client and counselor based on a priority to keep the secrets revealed by the client.

Counseling & Psychotherapy:

Usually, it is assumed that, in many terms, Both possess equality but not precisely the same. In both processes, the counselor helps the client to overcome the situation, either it is financially or economically.

Professional counseling

Difference between Counseling & Psychotherapy:

     The following are points that differ in Counseling & psychotherapy from each other.      

  • Counseling focuses on the present problems and situations, whereas Psychotherapy   focuses on chronic or recurrent problems.
  • Counselingdeals with specific situations or behaviors, and Psychotherapy deals in overall patterns of one’s state.
  • Counseling is considered as Short term therapy, whereas Psychotherapy is considered as Long term therapy continuous over many years.
  • Actions and behaviours are the priorities of Counseling and on the other side, feelings and experiences are Psychotherapy‘s priorities.
  • Counseling is a secondary process, whereasPsychotherapy is a primary process.
  • Counseling guide, support and educate the people to identify and find their solutions to current problems and Psychotherapy includes testing (such as personality, intelligence), other therapies.  

Therefore online professional counseling services are giving by professional therapists through their counseling programs all around the globe.      

Role of a Counselor:

The role of a counselor is to help the client-facing difficulties to overcome their problems.   We need to understand the power of listening. If someone listens to us with concentration, it naturally helps to decrease half of our problems. It helps the client to share his/her thoughts and problems with the counselor, which is not possible to say to anyone.

The counselor makes sure that the client is now mentally prepared to reveal the things; then, he gives suggestions according to their need.   Mental health professionals all over the World, making lives better through their services. They can cloud relationships, family, life, and careers.

Counseling Skills:

Following are the skills that a counselor should possess:  

Communication Skills:

Communication is the key to establish any relationship. A counselor should have fantastic communication skills. So that he can deliver his thoughts to his clients and helps him understand the solutions and tactics the counselor wants him/her to understand.  

Listen Effectively:

A counselor should have the ability to listen effectively to his clients. Counseling therapist uses different methods to satisfy their clients by gaining their trust and value their emotions.  

Body language & Non-verbal Communication:

Body language & non-verbal communication is another way to transmit positive or negative vibes to another person. A counselor should have command over it so that the client feels free to share his feelings and emotions without any hesitation.  


A counselor should possess empathy for his clients. He should be aware of the client’s feelings and emotions and should have the tactic to control the situation according to the need of the client. He should be humble and have a sense of empathy.  

Kinds Of Counselling:

  Following are the different kinds of Counselling which is discussed below:  

1)   Marriage & Family Counseling:

Marriage and family counselors, commonly known as marriage and family therapists who help individuals, couples, and families to cope up with mental and emotional circumstances.

They also help people work through marital troubles, child-parent conflicts, or death within a family. A counselor helps to deal with mood disorders, alcohol consumption, or drug addiction. They use a couple counseling techniques and family systems theory, a branch of psychotherapy that considers confidant familial relationships the basis of mental health and social functioning. 

These methods are applied to increase understanding and communication among couples and family members, which can help foster observed development and eliminate family crises. Becoming a marriage and family therapist can be a rewarding career choice.

Marriage Counseling

2)  Guidance & Career Counseling:

Choosing the right career path is an essential task, and also a difficult one. It’s not a piece of cake to decide which type of job will be the best fit. 

Career counseling helps people recognize their skills, needs, and desires to choose a career that works for them. It is an essential step to take before deciding on a lifetime career path. A career counselor is there to guide and provide valuable information in these areas and encourages you to choose your right career path.


career counseling

3)   Rehabilitation Counseling:

Rehabilitation refers to those individuals who have emotional and physical disabilities. Mental health counselors help clients to regain their confidence by providing them with employment and increase their mental abilities by engaging them in meaningful activities.

They provide spiritual and physical support to every individual and help them to lead independent lives as a responsible citizen of society. Social workers play a vital role in making better lives for such people.   https://psycnet.apa.org/record/1993-38992-001

counseling marriage counseling couples counseling online counseling therapist counseling services

4) Substance Abuse Counseling:

Addiction can cause mental and physical side effects. Physical side effects are known as withdrawal symptoms, whereas psychological side effects caused due to overdose of depression, anxiety, and feeling of loneliness.

There are so many people around the globe who lead to death bed due to depression. It acts like a slow poison and kills the person from inside. 

The counselor of this genre helps their clients to cope up with this situation using cognitive behavioral therapy, encouraging interviewing, and indigenous behavioral systems

counseling marriage counseling couples counseling online counseling therapist counseling services

5)   Educational Counseling:

An educational counselor works with school students in a school environment. They help the children with their studies provide career counseling, based on the options available to students, and also help students with their personal issues. The most important duty performed by the counselor is to understand the hopes, aspirations, and dreams of a student. 

They should know about the strengths and weaknesses possess by each student and should able to handle them with care. 

The school counselor helps them to continue education and to fight this situation and to keep their concentration in their studies. They also reach their parents, guardians, and other authorities for student’s academic, and other problems. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/education/schools-move-to-support-anxious-students-with-online-counselling-1.4223523

Educational counseling

Final Words:

In this time where it seems that life has stopped, everyone is going through the situation of depression, anxiety and is worried regarding their condition. When is this time going to over? When will we back to our healthy and normal lives? This question is arising in every mind every day.  

Everyone needs Counseling from a little kid to an older person, either he/she is a doctor, engineer,  a mother, a married couple, or anyone.   We must pursue online Counseling to keep our mental health stable so that together we can make the world a better place to live in with peace and happiness. This shall too pass.

If you liked my article and able to understand that What is Counseling? Then do share it with your family. Friends and with your loved ones.   Thank You.  

counseling marriage counseling couples counseling online counseling therapist counseling services

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